Couple & Family Therapist
Ms. Ruth L. Formosa Ventura
Zurich, Switzerland
Couple Therapy

I work with international couples and therefore I am sensitive to culture- and gender- based practice.  I work with stories around migration and cultural differences, inter-racial marriages, marital dissatisfaction, sexual/ intimacy problems, marital conflicts in relation to power imbalances, infidelity, re-constituted families as well as with separation/divorce issues.

Throughout my clinical experience I worked with issues of loss, unemployment, mental health (such as schizophrenia and depression), personality difficulties (such as borderline and narcissism),  migration, cross cultural marriages, marital separation, extra-marital infidelity, sexual intimacy difficulties, extreme marital conflicts, power imbalance, abuse (physical, sexual and emotional), family of origin intrusion as well as with sexual and intimacy issues. Every therapist has his/her passion.  Mine is Couple work.

Family Therapy

I work with families coming from different countries.  I offer culture based practice to families with youngsters who are experiencing some challenges whilst settling in Switzerland.  I work with families who are going through difficult episodes associated with loss, separation/divorce as well as unemployment. I work with parenting issues such as dealing with adolescence, oppositional behaviour and adoption.

Throughout my clinical journey I worked with families who learnt how to manage parental authority versus providing affection, how to deal with sibling rivalry, how to let go during adolescence at the same time providing guidance, how to understand challenging/oppositional behaviour as something the family can work with and not against and how to accept issues of attention deficit in children. Other therapeutic experience include working with anxiety symptoms, absenteeism, bed wetting, run-away from schools, fostering and adoption and last but not least abuse (physical, sexual and neglect).